You may notice that when you select certain subcategories a pop-up message appears to remind you of any actions that you should be taking. 

This particularly can be seen if you are adding a concern regarding suspected FGM.

We have recently updated the product to allow users with suitable permissions to add custom pop-up messages to each subcategory. This allows you to remind staff of the actions they need to take as part of the school policy. 

In order to prevent alarm fatigue, we would recommend you add pop-up messages to subcategories if there is a specific action that should be taken for that topic, or if you are implementing a new action for the concern type. 

For example, where you have a school policy following a significant head injury you may like to use a custom pop-up message to remind staff of what to do.

Head to Administration and select Concern Categories from the System Settings menu.

You can either add a new subcategory and check the box for adding a custom message or edit an existing concern type.

Remember to save the form to update the system. You can return to the message by editing the concern subcategory if you need to change the language used.