Using the Policy settings for a specific group, users are able to set up email alerts that alert members of staff for users within that group for specific keyword policies or all keyword policies.

Using this feature allows staff to get notifications when they are not logged into the Impero system and reduces the chances of missing important captures.

Any group you choose will need to have the Advanced Policies enabled on that specific group. You can have the same policy enabled on multiple groups if needed.

*Before using this feature you will need to set up the Mail Server Settings.
**The emails come through as a digest over a 5 min period to help reduce constant emails coming through, this can be modified by reading this guide.

To configure this feature you will need to do the following;

  1. Locate the group where you want to set up these email alerts e.g. All Students -> Right-Click -> Properties

  2. Fill out the desired severity section with the email accounts where you would like to captures to be sent to, which can be an individual or a shared mailbox. you can also add multiple emails which are separated by a semicolon and no space between emails

    Once filled out press OK