Before we get you set up on Classroom you need to make sure that you meet the minimum device system requirements. This document takes you through everything you need to verify on your end, to help ensure that you can run either product effectively on your network. To complete these steps, it is necessary that you have access to the firewall and content filter. Please contact your Network Administrator or IT organization for assisstance.

Device Client System Requirements

The minimum system requirements for the client are:

WindowsChrome OSAndroid
2.0 GHz+ Dual Core Processor
5GB free disk space
Windows 11, 10, 8.1 (x64)
Windows Domain Enrollment
Google Chrome
Version 66+
100MB Free Space
  • Android version 8
  • 100MB Free Space

Network Access Requirements

The following addresses and ports need to be allowed depending on the region.


Web App

  •  TCP port 443
  •  TCP port 443
  •  TCP port 443
  • TCP port 443
  •  TCP port 443
  •  TCP port 443

(It is necessary that both HTTPS and Secure Websocket connections are allowed)

Device Clients

  •    TCP port 443
  • api.$   TCP port 443(Make sure to replace the $cluster with the regional zone, i.e.,
  • *
  • * TCP/UDP   port 80, 443, 1024-65535**

**Impero Classroom utilizes webRTC technology to provide the live view from devices in the web browser. webRTC uses TCP/UDP ports in the following range: 1024-65535.

Australia (AU)

Canada (CA)

Europe (EU)

United Arab Emirates (UAE)

United Kingdom (UK)

United States (US)

The following environments are used for demonstration and testing purposes only:

Demo UK

Demo US