The following guide covers how to access device client debug logs. These logs record all aspects of the device clients functionality and can be used to identify problems and issues.

Each device client has its own way of logging so please follow the steps for the device type you are using.

You can use the following link to securely send the logs back to us, depending on your region.
(replace "uk" with your specific region eg " ", " ", " " etc)


Press "Ctrl+Shift+L"

The log file will be saved in the downloads directory


To be able to view & share logs, you must navigate to the “about:logs” website address via the Browsers address bar. To store log file on your local device, long press on given log item. That will expand popup menu. Click option “export”. 

For system logs

Navigate to C:\Impero\logs

For user logs

Navigate to C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Local\Impero\logs

Where <USER> is the desired local user account.