Patch licence update - Valid until 30/11/2021

In order to manually update your patch licence to the latest version, please follow the steps below

1. Stop the ImperoServerSVC service

2. Edit the file ImperoServerSVC.exe.config, found in the Impero Server installation location

3. Change the line that says

<add key="GFILicence" value="GwmAhSG43XFbNHoQVe8/rZKS+6NZ5RaEYvkaDczXs9HoZbrlFCx4roe2O/EuiMYO" />
<add key="GFILicence" value="EIlqF23CmrigGpaRFv2GSTLgQhRrAYLWemhjeAW6QQ22nIrrBCuiV+8aNdiqqKqD" />

4. Save the change

5. Start the ImperoServerSVC service