Impero Education Pro includes no direct functionality to control webcams on devices that have the Impero Client installed.

The software cannot remotely enable the camera without the end users knowledge.

The software cannot remotely begin recording using the built in camera or a camera connected externally, by USB for example.

If the user on the device enables the webcam for use in meetings such as Teams or Zoom, Education Pro doesn't record the video stream and save it as part of its logging and auditing. However if the user triggered a capture from an enabled policy during the meeting then we would take a screenshot or record a short video that would display the meeting if it was visible on screen.

Administrators and Technicians can assist with webcam based issues using the Impero consoles extensive remote control functions but can only perform actions as if they were physically in front of the device. This applies to Windows and Mac devices only.

Education Pro can record the screen of a Windows or Mac device so it is possible to record an open Teams or Zoom meeting or calls for example. However the recording of streaming video using this feature will result in a poor quality playback at a slower frame rate. The recording does not include any audio from the meeting or call.