If a user is not able to access any website, there might be one of the following settings applied:

  • An Internet banned policy as an Active Block, that would redirect to this message:

  • An Allow List enabled, that would redirect to this message:
    • The Allow Policy will allow to access specific websites only, blocking all the other ones.
    • In this case, right-click on the column header (where it says Computer, User or Captures) and select Choose Columns:

    • Enable Applied Policies:

    • To check which are the policies that are triggering the blocks, click on * applied policies for the selected user. It will open a new window showing a breakdown of the applied policies for each group on that user. We'll need to look for items containing Allow Policy. In the example below, we can see that:

      • We allowed users part of the Students group to access the Wikipedia domain only with the Students Allow List
      • We allowed users part of the Test group to access the Google domain only with the Block websites Allow list
    • So, to remove these limitations, we can right-click on those groups>Advanced Policies>Find the relevant Allow Lists and disabled them or remove their items: