If you receive the error message Oops! Unfortunately, we cannot authorize you against any servers when accessing the edpro.cloud web console there are few main checks to do:

  • Check out our status page for any potential outages - https://status.edpro.cloud/
  • Make sure you are not the only staff member who's getting this error message
  • Make sure you are using Google Chrome browser, as this is our best-supported browser
  • Make sure you are accessing the right URL. It will be one of the followings, depending on your area:
  • If you have an on-premise Impero Server, make sure it's up and running; if it's hosted by us, check if you are able to open the client version of Impero Console
  • Make sure the user that is trying to log in has the username or the full email address in Impero Server>Settings>Console Access Rights:

  • If still unsuccessful, please contact us advising about the above steps and providing us with your activation code/licence key