If you have a new phone or if you need to reset your authenticator code for any other reason, find the same user into the relevant group (or into the general Staff Members list) [1 and 2].

Use the tick box on the right of the staff members to select them (you can select multiple staff members at once) [4], then scroll up to the top of the screen, select Reset Authentication Code from the drop down menu [5] and press Save [6].

When required to enter a new six-digit code, EdAware will ask you to scan a QR Code with an authentication application on your phone. So, get your phone and select the Authentication app icon:
If you need to download an Authenticator app we have used Google Authenticator for the below example but there are many others out there;

Select the "+" icon in the bottom-right corner:

Select Scan barcode and point your phone camera to the screen.

Scan the barcode displayed on your screen and enter the six-digit code that is on your phone in this field and click Continue