The Print Management feature allows you to assign a set amount of print credits to users or groups, enabling you to manage paper costs and toner, cutting waste and therefore saving money across your organisation.


- In order to make use of this feature you must first ensure that is enabled.

- To check this, right-click on your 'Entire Network' group and select 'Properties'.

- Click the 'Group Settings' tab, followed by the 'Workstation Settings' button.

- Ensure that the 'Disable pCredit (Printer Credit System)' is un-ticked in order to enable the pCredit system.  



Please note: By default, the 'Entire Network' group has a priority setting of 'Medium'. If you have any 'High' priority groups, you may need to verify that the pCredit system is enabled on these groups to ensure that all users are being governed by this feature. You can check whether or not this setting is applied to a particular user via the Resultant Set of settings tab.


- An additional tick box here allows you to add details to every page that is printed on your network.

- Select 'Add Date, Time, Username and Computer name to each printed page'. 


- Once the pCredit system is enabled, you are able to begin configuration.

- Select the 'Admin' Toolbar and click on the 'Print Quota' button.

- From here you are able to set up printer costs and manage user credits.


Manage Printer Costs


The 'Manage Printer Costs' option lets you set up the cost per printed page on all the printers within your network.


- From the 'Admin' toolbar, click on 'Print Quota'.

- Select 'Manage Printer Costs' from the drop-down menu.

- This will open the 'pCredit Printer Setup' window.   

- There are a number of options allowing you to configure printer costs.


Mono Printout Costs

Set up the default cost per printed black and white page. The number you enter here will be the mono printout cost for any new printer on the network.


Colour Printout Costs

Set up the default cost per printed colour page. The number you enter here will be the colour printout cost for any new printer on the network.


Set Printer Costs

This panel will display all the printers that are currently known to Impero on your network. The 'Color Cost' and 'Mono Cost' columns will show you the cost that is currently applied to colour/mono pages for each printer. You can double-click on any of these rows to edit the costs for that specific printer. This can also be achieved by clicking to select a row, and clicking on the 'Edit' button at the bottom of the window.


There are two ways in which you can add a printer to the pCredit system:


- In order to manually add a new printer, click on the 'Add' button at the bottom of the window.

- In the new window, enter the details of the new printer.

- You can also edit the cost amount per page printed to this printer. 


- In order to add import printers from your Active Directory, click on the 'Auto Discover' button.

- This requires you to have your Active Directory settings applied correctly in the Impero Server.

- Providing those settings are in place, all printers from your Active Directory will then appear in the 'pCredit Printer Setup' window.


- If you wish to remove any printers from the system, click on the printer to select it.

- Click on the 'Delete' button.


- If you have made any configuration changes in this window, click on the 'Save' button.


Manage User Credits


The 'Manage User Credits' option allows you to configure the number of print credits that will apply to users on your network. This can be set up to fully automate the allocation and recharging of user credits.


- From the 'Admin' toolbar, click on 'Print Quota'.

- Select 'Manage User Credits' from the drop-down menu.

- This will open the 'pCredit User Credits' window. 



In the left-hand panel in this window, you can select from the list of your Impero groups. The right-hand panel of the window will update to show you all the users that currently belong to the selected group.



The right-hand panel in this window will update to display the users belonging to the currently selected group on the left-hand side. The 'Credits' column here will show you how many print credits this user currently has allocated to them. You can click on a user here to select them or hold the 'CTRL' key on your keyboard while clicking in order to select multiple users. Alternatively, click on the green tick icon to select all users in the current group or the red 'X' icon to deselect all users.



With one or more users selected in the 'Users' panel, you can click on the 'Credits' button in order to apply a certain amount of credits to them.


Add credits - Add a set amount of credits to the selected user(s). Use the built-in values, or hover over 'Custom' and type in a specific amount of credits.


Set credits to - Set the selected user(s) to have a specific amount of credits. User the built-in values, or hover over 'Custom' and type in a specific amount of credits.



If you have made any changes in this window, ensure you click on the 'Save' button when you have finished.


Manage pCredit Settings for Group

Click on this link in order to open a new window that allows you to automate the pCredit system for the currently selected group. This option is only available if you have a user based group currently selected.  


Default credits given to newly discovered users

Enter the default amount of printer credits that will be applied to newly discovered users. New users are 'discovered' when they log on for the first time since being placed into the group you are currently editing.


Recharge user credits by adding

Tick this option if you wish to set up an automatic recharge of user credits. Once ticked, the following two fields become active, allowing you to specify how many additional credits will be applied to users in this group, and when you wish to apply for these credits. The addition of credits will take place shortly after 12:00am on the day that you have selected here.


Stop recharging credits once user reaches

Set up a maximum credit amount here. Once a user has the amount of credits set in this field, they will not be able to accumulate any further credits, regardless of the 'Recharge user credits by adding' setting.


You can click on the 'Explanation of how pCredit rules are applied' link to open your default web browser to a window documenting the pCredit rules in further detail.