Release Notes - v4.4.29 - 11th May 2022

Bug Fixes

  • High-Resolution screens display correctly in Classroom view
  • Retain appdata after automatic update
  • Prevent multiple instances of BackdropClient.exe running

Release Notes - v4.4.0 - 4th April 2022

Major Changes

  • Removes IoTHub connections 
  • Removes learners relay application 
  • Removes IoTHub certificates
  • Improvements to integration with chrome browser extension
  • Replaces broadcast screen functionality with new application


  •  Adds multiple monitor support on Classroom

Release Notes - v31198 - 28th October 2021

  • Adds a small random wait on client recovery after IoTHub error
  • Updates Wellbeing upload metadata to include viewed or written word
  • Fixes certificate storage for Managed Profiles and Citrix Environments
  • Windows 11 support

Release Notes - v30489 - 15th August 2021

Bug fixes

  • Removes error prompt at login
  • Add device_session_id to telemetry

Release Notes - v30396 - 1st August 2021

Major changes

  • Impero Server Windows service has been removed.
  • Impero.LoginMonitor check to see if Impero.client is running and starts it as logged in user if not.
  • Moved settings, schoolcode and Client log files to AppData/Local and encrypts sensitive information.

Bug fixes

  • Improved stability to the installer.
  • Fixes bug with send message function blocking the lock screen function.

  • Adds heartbeat ping to IoTHub to prevent device unknown status on Backdrop.

  • Improves startup performance.


  • Reduces the installer size.
  • Reduces the size of the installed solution.
  • Improves application performance.
  • Enables Autoupdater functionality.
  • Adds dynamic resolution update to 
  • Adds code signing to the installer.
  • Adds ILDasm security.
  • Adds runtime validation checks.
  • Adds generic error message for startup sequence failures.
  • Updates the branding (application icons and user interfaces).
  • Updates the lock-screen colours to match the Page Blocked colours in the Chrome extension.

Release Notes - v2067 - 17th May 2021

Bug fixes

  • Fixes an issue with registering a school code during installation.
  • Hides a JavaScript unhandled exception thrown by the live thumbnails after the screen saver starts.

Release Notes - v2052 - 30th April 2021      

Major changes

  • Impero Client now renamed to Backdrop Client in Windows add or remove programs.
  • The “DeviceIdentification” folder is removed and is now C:\ProgramData\Impero.
  • All log files are now located in C:\ProgramData\Impero.
  • Reduces the telemetry frequency sent to back: drop to increase the performance of back: drop.
  • Application and browser tab lists may take longer to appear.
  • Upgrades the solution to use .NET Core 3.1.


  • Add a menu item to the Impero icon in the system tray so that you can see who is currently logged into the client.
  • Well: being now also triggers on viewed words as well as typed words.
  • The Backdrop Client can now be installed in a location specified by the user and is no longer bound to C:\Impero.
  • Upgrades to the system default to C:\Impero, this can be changed during installation.
  • New installs default to C:\Program Files\Impero Software.
  • Removes the Impero.SAS application.
  • Reduces the frequency and improves the readability of the logging produced.

Bug fixes

  • Uses port 443 for IoTHub connections which should be unblocked by most broadband providers as 443 is a 'standard port'.
  • Fixes a conditional bug where the Impero Client does not start on a Windows restart. (Checks to see the client is running once every XX seconds).
  • Fixes a conditional bug where the Impero Client is not stating after applying group policy.
  • Fixes live thumbnail not reloading after a Windows Unlock.
  • Fixes live thumbnail not reloading after an Unlock screen from back: drop.
  • Fixes Wellbeing retrigger policy.
  • Fixes an issue where messages sent from back: drop appear behind other open windows.
  • Fixes issues with the switch school feature sometimes getting stuck.
  • Fixes issue with MSI when upgrading from 1.2.x
  • Fixes an issue with the sign-in process when incorrect passwords are sent.

Release Notes - v1201 - 17th March 2021


· Improved debug logs to contain additional info.

Bug fixes:

· Improved resilience of Windows service.

Release Notes - v1200 - 10th March 2021


· Supports broadcast teacher screen from back:drop.

· Supports broadcast student screen from back:drop.

· Supports log out of Windows user from back:drop.

· Supports switching school codes when not using automatic login.

· Windows 7 Support.

· Double-click to install now supported.

· Updated UI on all login forms and School code registration form.

Bug fixes:

· Improved well:being trigger capabilities.

· Major fixes and improved stability to the installer.