We use Clever to securely link your SIS with Impero Backdrop. Clever should have sent you through details on how to register on their platform. If you don’t have these details, please follow these instructions provided by Clever.

School Registration Guide - Clever

Setting up your integration

1. Once you have got access to Clever, you can search for Impero from your dashboard and request a connection.
Impero can also invite your school/district to connect with us via the Clever dashboard. In order to do that we require the following information.

Name of school/district to invite and the state it is located.

First/Last Name of person who handles Clever at the district.

email of that person (we can also add additional email addresses for other users if needed).

Schools in the district that plan to use the solution.

3. Once Impero has this information we then invite you to connect with us via Clever.
4. You receive an invite from us via Clever that you are required to accept to begin data syncs.
5. That is it! once you accept the invite, the Impero team can setup your data syncs.