The 'Action' policy allows you to perform a variety of actions on your Impero environment, either continuously or on a schedule.


- Select the group you wish to set the policy for and open ‘Advanced Policies’ from the ‘Group’ toolbar or right-click Advanced Policies.

- Click ‘Add’ in the top left corner of the window.

- In the 'Policy Name' field, enter a name for the policy you are about to create.
- Ensure the 'Action Policy' is selected and press OK

- The policy name you entered will then appear on the left-hand side of the window.

- Click on the policy name to select it.

- With your policy selected, click the 'Add' button on the right-hand side of the window.

- This will open the 'Add/Edit Policy Item' window.

- Select from the drop-down list which action policy you wish to define.

- You will then see different options based on the selection you have made in the drop-down list.

Specify the action you would like to perform when this policy is enabled:

Select an option from the list that you wish to perform when the policy is enabled. Further options are presented in the current window depending on which action has been chosen.


- Once you have configured your policy, click on 'Add'.

- Your policy item will then be added to your newly created 'Action' policy.

- By default, your new policy is set to 'Disabled'.

- Use the 'Status' drop-down list in order to set your policy Stauts.

  1. Disabled - Policy won't run at all
  2. Enabled - Policy will constantly run / be applied / attempted
  3. Scheduled - we run on specific times selected when editing the schedule