You may have been asked to send data files to us, for example at the start of the new school year you need to send over a file containing the new starters' names, email addresses, and device login usernames so we can import them to the system.

Sending files is an easy process as we provide a secure file transfer system directly in Impero Backdrop to ensure you can upload data to us with confidence it is safe.

Follow the steps below to send files to Impero Software for use in Backdrop.

Secure File Transfer in Backdrop

  1. Navigate to the address below for your region - Australia - United Arab Emirates - United Kingdom - United States

  2. The Secure File Transfer page is displayed. Select the file you want to send. Specify your full name and email address. An optional message field is available. We recommend adding the organisation you are associated within this field.

  3. Verify the information you have provided is correct and click on “Send”.

  4. All done! The Impero team will be alerted that you have sent a file to us and will act accordingly. If further information or files are required, then the team will contact you.