Microsoft Teams Integration allows users to import groups they have created in Microsoft Teams and use them as teaching groups in Impero Classroom. A user with Microsoft Teams admin rights can setup the import on behalf of all users in the school. Once setup, we perform daily imports from Microsoft Teams.



Students in Microsoft Teams must already be present in Impero class:room.
Student automatic login identifiers must match the account used for Microsoft Teams.
The user group permission “View children in own class(es)” allows a staff member to only view Microsoft Teams groups containing students they have access to.
The user group permission “View all children” allows a staff member view all Microsoft Teams groups.

Microsoft Teams Integration is supported by all device clients, providing automatic login identifiers have been added to the student and are supported.

How to setup Microsoft Teams Integration


Select “Administration” and then click “Admin Consent” under "Microsoft Teams" from the sub menu.

Select the account to you wish to give admin consent.

 Accept the permissions request.

Once an account is selected and access approved, the flow takes the user to the Microsoft integration setup screen in Backdrop. Here a user can select the type of Integration they want. 

Select Microsoft Team - Groups Only to add Microsoft Teams groups. Click Update details to begin the import. This can take several minutes depending on the size of the import.