Clever is a Student Information System (SIS) that Vision for Chromebooks is able to utilize in order to roster classrooms in the Vision for Chromebook Teacher Application. 

To get Clever enabled, do the following:
1. Contact your Sales Rep and request that Clever be enabled.
2. An email will be sent to the Contact (at the school/district) with information on how to confirm the Clever change.
3. Once confirmed via the email from Step 2, Sales notifies Support.
4. Support enables Clever and notifies the Contact from Step 2.
 5. An email is sent to the Contact with the District ID (which will be used later).

*NOTE - This process can take up to 48 hrs.

To add the configuration file to G Suite via the Admin Console:
1. Sign in to G Suite Admin Page.
2. From Google Administration, click Device Management.
3. From the left menu, click Chrome management, click on Settings, then click on App Management.
4. Click the Netop Vision Student (hfpdkhblendlpcghglglcamcnicbkppp), and then click on User settings.
5. Select the Organizational Unit you want to apply the configuration to.
6. Copy your new configurations and paste them into the field: Policy for extensions and select the drop-down to choose Locally Applied.
 7. Click on Save.

*NOTE - If you have additional configurations in use, please append that entry and copy/paste it again. If this is the first time you are putting a configuration file in G Suite, please see the attachment below. You need to include your DISTRICT_ID that came in the Clever email.
*NOTE - You need to apply the configuration file to Netop Vision Teacher also if Teachers are using Chromebooks and the Vision Teacher Console.
 *NOTE - If using a Windows machine, you will need to alter the registry so Vision knows to use Clever Authentication in lieu of Google Credentials. You can find a sample registry key below.