The steps outlined below will allow you to personalize your experience with Vision for Chromebooks. When implemented, these features allow you to start your classes once you click on the classroom and have it end automatically for you (if enabled).

To do this, please follow the steps below:

1. Sign in to the Vision Portal (
2. Enter your credentials (Google or Clever).
 3. Click on 'Teacher Settings', it'll be on the left side.

At this point, you are able to make several changes to how Vision for Chromebooks functions:
Class Behavior:
1. If you move the toggle from left to right on 'Automatically start classes after opening them', after you launch Vision and select the classroom, the class will start automatically.
 2. 'Stop a started class' allows you to choose when to stop a class after it has been started. Minimum time is 30 min, and are increased by in 15 min intervals up to 2 hours.

Monitoring Students:

1. View the Chromebook main screen - this allows you to view the entire desktop of the student device.

 2. View the active Chrome tab - this allows you to see the ACTIVE Chrome tab only. If the student has an application open, you will not be able to see this application.