The remote log on feature allows you to log in selected computers simultaneously from the teacher machine. You go to the administration tab and select Log On. Type the username and password and it will log the selected machines on if they are at the log in screen.

Note: If you wish to log on as a network user, you must use a fully qualified name in a format of domain\username with the appropriate password. Without the domain\ it will log on as a local user.

Prerequisites for Log On to work

  • The student computers must be turned on and display the Control + Alt + Delete logonscreen for Log On to work; otherwise, the Log On will be ignored in the Teacher computer.
    • If student computers are not turned on and the computers support the Wake-On-LAN standard, they could be turned on with Wake-Up before Log On is used.
    • If there are active sessions on student computers, you should use Vision's Log Off and advise students to save any unsaved work.
    • If student computers have been locked with Block Input or if another user is logged on, the Log On command will be ignored.
  • You can use any valid user name and password to log on to student computers.

The account can be a local account or a domain account; if a domain account is used the domain name must be given as part of the user name, for example: mydomain\susanp