To fix the issue run the following steps on your teacher machine.  If it doesn't address the issue, then run it on problem student devices.

  1. Find the command prompt option in the start menu (usually under Start > All Programs > Windows system).
  2. Right-click on the command prompt and tell it to 'run as administrator' and authenticate.
  3. In the black window that opens type cd c:\windows\syswow64\ and hit enter
  4. It should navigate to that folder.  In the prompt type, regsvr32 /u meinput and hit enter
  5. It should indicate the dll unregister succeeded.  Reboot the device.
  6. Once it has rebooted, log back in and open the command prompt using steps 1-3 above.
  7. In the command prompt when you are back at c:\windows\syswow64\ type regsvr32 meinput and hit enter
  8. Windows should indicate that the command succeeded.  Reboot again.
  9. After it has rebooted, try to use the remote control feature again.

Note:  It is important to follow the commands precisely, especially the reboot and running the command prompt as an administrator.  If you do not perform them in the correct sequence the fix will not resolve the issue.