NOTE: Make sure that your devices are MDM enrolled in the Azure portal before you start this procedure.

To verify your Devices, proceed as follows:

  1. Go to the Azure portal.
  2. Go to the Azure Active Directory service.
  3. Go to Devices.
  4. In the Devices tab, verify the join type and MDM status columns of the device(s).

For more information, refer to the following how-to guides:

To set up the ClassroomsProvider MDM policy, proceed as follows:

1. Log in to the Microsoft Azure portal with an administrator account.

NOTE: Make sure that the account that you use has the Intune administrator role assigned.

2. Go to the Intune service.

3. Go to Devices.

4. Go to the Configuration profiles.

5. Click on the Create profile button.

6. From the Platform drop-down button, select the Windows 10 and later option.

7. From the Profile drop-down button, select the Custom option.

8. Click on the Create button.

9. In the Basics tab, specify a name for the profile in the Profile entry field.

10. Click on Next.

11. In the Configuration settings tab, click on the Add button. The OMA-URI settings page is displayed.

12. In the OMA-URI Settings page, specify the following:

For the Teacher app: 

12.1. Name: ClassroomsProvider

12.2. Description: Teacher app (the description that you specify is optional)

12.3.1. For the Store app

OMA-URI: ./User/Vendor/MSFT/EnterpriseModernAppManagement/AppManagement/AppStore/NetopSolutions.VisionTeacher_m7p600ccwap2t/AppSettingPolicy/ClassroomsProvider 

12.3.2. For the Sideloaded app

OMA-URI:  ./User/Vendor/MSFT/EnterpriseModernAppManagement/AppManagement/AppStore/NetopSolutions.VisionTeacher_21dnbha44a66p/AppSettingPolicy/ClassroomsProvider

12.4. Data type: String

12.5. Value: Google, Microsoft, Azure, Netop, Edlink*

12.6. Click on the Add button.

For the Student app:

12.7. Name: ClassroomsProvider

12.8. Description: Student app (the description that you specify is optional)

12.9.1. For the Store app

OMA-URI: ./User/Vendor/MSFT/EnterpriseModernAppManagement/AppManagement/AppStore/NetopSolutions.NetopVisionStudent_m7p600ccwap2t/AppSettingPolicy/ClassroomsProvider

12.9.2 For the Sideloaded app

OMA-URI: ./User/Vendor/MSFT/EnterpriseModernAppManagement/AppManagement/AppStore/NetopSolutions.NetopVisionStudent_21dnbha44a66p/AppSettingPolicy/ClassroomsProvider

12.10. Data type: String

12.11. Value: Google, Microsoft, Azure, Netop, Edlink* 

12.12. Click on the Add button.

13. Click on Next.

14. In the Assignments tab, specify the groups of users and devices that you want to assign the profile or what groups to exclude from assigning the profile.

15. Click on Next.

16. In the Applicability rules tab, specify how to apply this profile within an assigned group.

17. Click on Next.

18. In the Review + Create tab, verify the specified information and click on the Create button.

*Edlink is a platform that allows Vision 365 to interact with well-known LMS/SIS systems such as Blackboard, Brightspace, Canvas, Classlink, Clever, Moodle, or Schoology.

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