Please note that making registry changes if you are unfamiliar with the registry can be hazardous to your operating system.  We do recommend against performing the following actions unless you are familiar with using the registry and have backed up the registry.

The classroom layout is stored in each user’s profile individually The layout is saved in the registry under HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > GenevaLogic > Modules > RepositoryService > RepositoryData > DOMAINS > MasterEyeXL > WORKGROUPS and then a classroom specific registry key. The classroom’s layout can be can be exported from a user where it is arranged as desired by exporting the corresponding classroom’s key.

You will then switch to the user you wish to change the layout of the classroom in, close Vision (In Vision go to Tools > Security > Exit Vision), and run the exported key. It is critical that the classroom name and classroom contents must be exactly identical for this import to function properly. After the import, you should be able to start Vision normally and see the updated layout.