This technical article describes how to import an interactive video assessment a fellow teacher shared with you.

An “Interactive video” assessment enables teachers to add a question marker to a video that pauses the video. The pause can be used to ask students a question; questions of one of the 10 available types can be used.

Using interactive video assessments enables teachers to keep students engaged by transforming passive content into an active learning experience.

The file attached is an export of an interactive video assessment, the file can be imported by following the four steps.

Importing an interactive video assessment

When creating a new activity of type assessment, you can import an assessment a fellow teacher shared with you:

  1. Add a new activity of type Assessment and click Save.
  2. In the Assessment settings page, click the Options button at the upper-side of the page and select Import.
  3. Click the Select button, browse for the assessment zip file you received from the fellow teacher, select it and click the Upload File button. The assessment loads.

Enter the assessment title and click on the Save button at the upper-side of the page.