Vision allows the Teacher to transfer files to and from the Master machine to the Client machines through chat.

 To transfer files follow the instructions listed below.

1) Have the Vision Dashboard open and be connected to the Client machines.

2) Click the Chat button.

3) Right click either one:

a. Available (sends message to whole classroom)

b. Individual User (send message specifically to them)

4) Enter your message to Students.

5) Then click browse and select the file you want to send (if it is a word document there has to be text in it).

6) Click Send.

Students need to double click the document to open it and then they can save it to a location of their choosing. If they happen to click close before they open the document, they can find it in the following location depending on the Operating System:

Default Location for Chat folder in Windows XP

 a. C:Document and Settings\All Users\Documents\Chat

Default Location for Chat folder in Windows Vista and Windows 7

 b. C:Users\Public\Public Documents\Chat