No, there is not a setting in Vision Preferences that will allow you to do this. However, we do have a registry file that will edit the registry that will stop Vision from waking up the student computers automatically when you start your machine or Vision.

To stop WOL from taking place please follow the steps listed below:
 1.) Go to our FTP site by clicking the following link:
2.) Save to your desktop.
3.) Extract and look for the new file called NoWOL.reg.
4.) Double click NoWOL.reg and click OK when it prompts you to edit the registry.
a. Please note this does edit the registry, be 100% certain this is something you want to do.
5.) After running the registry file, restart the machine.
6.) If you would like to test this, turn off a couple of student machines and turn off your machine, and power it back up to see if it wakes up the student machines you turned off. If not, then the patch worked as intended.

If you have any issues with stopping Wake on Lan from working please contact Technical Support.