The firewall exceptions for the above versions are as follows:


Vision6 automatically configures the Windows Internet Connection Firewall. Third party firewalls need to be configured as shown below. For details about how to deploy the exceptions by Group Policy please refer to Microsoft help.


Program Exceptions


Chat c:\Program Files\GenevaLogic\Vision\Chat\MChat.exe
Vision Control Manager c:\Program Files\GenevaLogic\Vision\XL\MeSuAx.exe
Gallery Viewer c:\Program Files\GenevaLogic\Vision\Pointer\SSView.exe
 File and Printer Sharing* File and Printer Sharing


*This exception is only required on computers you wish to deploy the client to via the Vision master computer. Only required for Vision6 versions 6.7 and higher


Port Exceptions


Vision ThinShare multiport connection UDP:60003

Vision ThinShare peer-to-peer connection TCP:60003


Hardware Firewall / Secure Switch


To get Vision6 working through a Firewall or Secure Switch use the port exceptions from above and add: