To send logs to Netop Support, Vision provides two tools:

  1. Vision Log Tool - allows you to select logging level and clean the log history
  2. Vision Data Collector - fetches logs and creates an archive on your Desktop

To generate the log report, do the following:

1. Run the Vision Support Tools.pkg file and go through each installation step. Note: If required, allow the app to run, from Settings > Security & Privacy > Allow apps downloaded from > Open Anyway.

2. Run Vision Log Tool.

3. Choose the logging level: Debug, Info, Warning, Error, Fatal.

4. Optional: Choose to delete the entire log history.

Note: If you're trying to log an issue that is fully reproducible, set the logging level to INFO or DEBUG, and then delete the log history.

5. Retrace all steps to reproduce the issue you are experiencing.

6. Run Vision Data Collector.

7. Choose As Standard User or As Administrator (to include the Vision Daemon logs) by providing your administrator credentials.

8. The VisionData.tar.gz archive is generated on your Desktop. Send this file to Netop Support.