This guide describes how system administrators should configure Netop Live Guide and gives a brief overview of operator options.
System administrators are the users who have full access to all features so that they can set up the system. In the implementation phase, system administrators have these tasks:
  • Create call groups, ensure that operators are created as users, create tools for operators and generate the code for the Web site call button.
  • Ensure that the code for the Web site call button is implemented on the Web site.
  • Send logon information to the operators who are going to answer customer calls.
When a call button has been operational for a period of time, system administrators can review logs of all calls and produce extensive statistics to verify and document system performance and campaign effectiveness.
Operators are the users who handle calls from customers who request information or assistance by clicking a Web site call button. Customer calls are listed in a global call list according to call group so that operators only see calls that are relevant to them. When an operator selects a call, an instant messaging session with the customer is started. The operator can
  • Communicate with the customer using text chat, or switch to audio and video.
  • Transfer the customer call to another operator.
  • Use the tools that the system administrator made available.
When the instant messaging session starts, the operator automatically sees the chat history if the customer has called previously.
Sections 2, 3, 5, 6 and 7 describe system administrator tasks while section 4 gives an overview of the operators’ options.