In Live Guide you can use forms to collect data or input from customers at different times: before a chat is begun, during chat, after a chat and when the chat button is in offline mode. The form input is available to Live Guide operators and can be exported from Live Guide Administration in various formats.
The information which customers provided through forms can also be captured by a script and sent to a third-party system, like Google Analytics or a Customer Relationship Management system, for further processing and analysis.
This is achieved by adding custom code that specifies the third-party system’s API to a Live Guide JavaScript and then adding the JavaScript to the page where the Live Guide chat button code has already been added.
Since the JavaScript has to be included on the web page where the chat button code is located, exporting input from form only works with a web site chat button, not with links in emails, campaigns or other places. This means that you have to use the call button tag code from SetupCode BuilderWebsite.
Also note that using the Live Guide form submission API requires that you are familiar with JavaScript coding.

Read more about the Live Guide form submission API in the attached article.