Notifications  are displayed at the top of the top navigation bar and are displayed for a variety of system actions.

Users can configure notifications at the user group level.

Notifications can be set to appear when a concern is created.

Captures can have notifications set up to appear when they arrive when the severity is changed , or if they are marked as false positive.

In addition to in-system notifications displayed in the top navigation bar, users can also set them to display on the action plan page or to receive them via email.

There are three types of configurable notifications available for concerns: action plan, immediate email alerts, and digest emails.

To set up the Notification settings, proceed as follows:

1. Log in to Backdrop.

2. Go to Administration, by clicking on the Administration icon.

3. Go to User Groups.

4. Click on Notification Settings.

5. Click on the toggle buttons to enable notifications for the desired groups.

For more information about Reminders, refer to the following article.