Reminders appear at the top of the top navigation bar and are displayed at the time set from the Notifications. For more information about Notifications, refer to the following article


Reminders can be set from the initial notification drop down by clicking on the alarm clock and choosing the parameters or from Add Reminder in the Actions menu of the concern detail page.

Existing reminders can be edited from the Edit Reminder section of the Actions menu on the concern details page.

NOTE: Reminders can be set for: an hour delay, the next day at 9am, the following Monday at 9am, a specific date and time 

The user can see the confirmation that the reminder is set once saved.

At the set time Reminder in the top navigation bar indicates that a new reminder has been sent with a blue circle with the total number of reminders specified.

Clicking on the entry in the panel will take the user to the detail page 

NOTE: Reminders can only be set by the individual user for themselves.