When using the Guest in the default configuration it is normal behavior that each Windows user will have his or her own configuration files and settings for the Guest. This includes Netop phone book files, communication profiles and a variety of other custom settings. Under these conditions, each time a new user logs in to Windows they will be presented with the Guest's setup wizard.

It is possible to customize the data path in the Guest to a new location. In some cases this is done so that all Windows users of a particular computer's Guest will share the Guests configuration. Another scenario is that Guest users on a variety of computers would like to share common Phone Book files that might be stored on a central shared drive.

To customize the data path of a Guest, edit the impero.ini file located in C:\Windows.
Look for the [GUEST] heading.

If you want to prevent the setup wizard from running each time a new user logs in to Windows, you may create a path so that all users share the same settings.

It is possible to customize the path to specific sub-folders if for example you only want Windows users to share Phone Book files.

You may use mapped network drive letters and/or Windows environmental variables in these paths. The folder structure for these paths must already exist.

There are a variety of other paths that can be customized with separate entries under the [Guest] heading. Here is a complete list.

DataPath=PATH (DataPath modifies all of the Guest's application data.)

For additional details, see the Impero.ini article.