When preparing to build a Guest deployment package for distribution to multiple Guest users/computers it is important to set the Impero Guest ID on the Guest template machine before the package is compiled using Pack'n Deploy.

In the Guest (on the computer that you are using to build the template configuration) go to Tools>Program Options> Logon tab.  Here you will find a Guest ID field that, by default, is populated with the computer name.  It is normally recommended that you enter an environmental variable such as %username% or %computername%.  This will ensure that once the Guest is deployed it will use a local, unique name.  Most users prefer to use %username% because the Guest will then identify itself by the name of the user logged on to Windows where the Guest is running.

The Guest is identified by the Guest ID and making use of this setting is critical for having clarity in the Impero activity logs.


Consider setting the Guest ID to use %username%@%computername% as long as this combined string does not exceed 32 characters. Now the Guest will be identified by the user logged in to Windows at the Guest computer along with the name of the computer where the Guest is running.