If you try to initiate a connection to a Host from the Guest and you receive the message, "Only 10 Host(s) can be remote controlled at the same time.", this is an indication that you have reached the default limit for the number of concurrent connections. Other user sessions on the same computer with open connections in the Guest count against this limitation. For example if you have a terminal server with 10 users, each using the Netop Guest at the same time with one remote control session, this limit has been reached. The next time a user tries to connect that user will receive the notification. It is possible to increase the maximum from 10 to a maximum of 50 by editing the Netop.ini file on the Guest located in C:\Windows.

Edit the Netop.ini file in notepad and look for the heading that reads [GUEST]. If it doesn't exist add it to the end of the file. Then underneath it add the following entry MaxHosts=number, where number equals the total number of sessions that will be allowed. Any value between 1 and 50 is acceptable. A complete entry in the netop.ini might look like this: 
Then restart the Guest module.