To better support Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environments, it is now possible to run and connect to the Impero Connect Host within an RDP (Remote Desktop) session. Within a VDI environment, a virtualized desktop is normally delivered to an end user via an RDP session and when the Host is installed on the console, the virtual session can be remote controlled just like any other desktop using the preferred communication methods in Impero Connect

There are currently some limitations with the RDP session protocol, which can lead to some issues when the RDP session is minimized. If the RDP session is minimized during a remote control session, the Guest will not be able to control the RDP session until the window is restored. Similarly, if the Guest tries to remote control an RDP session which is already minimized, the Guest will be presented with a black screen until the RDP session is restored.

To disable the ability to remote control the RDP session and allow the Host to run only on the console session, the following should be added to the IMPERO.INI file on the Host machine:


Then restart the Impero Helper Service.

This netop.ini setting can be especially helpful if you want to ensure that a remote control session only takes control of the console and not an RDP session.

Note: Starting with Impero Connect version 12.65, the Portal communication profile will not be available when the Host is running in RDP.