When connecting to a Host running on a Windows 64-bit operating system, sometimes the screen refresh on the Windows logon or unlock screen was extremely slow. It would sometimes take several seconds for the screen to refresh or for the keystrokes to display in the remote control window. This issue would be compounded if the remote control session's communication was going through a Impero Gateway module.

This issue was resolved in the version 9.52 release. For best results, it is necessary to upgrade the Host and Guest (and Gateway if applicable) to version 9.52 or newer.


Additional improvements to the speed of the screen transfer when the Host is running on Windows 7 and Server 2008 are available if both the Guest and Host are version 10.0 or newer.  For best performance we recommend using the latest version and build of both the Host and Guest.

Version 12.2x

In some cases you may experience slow response on logon screens and User Access Control Screens using Guest version 12.2x. This behavior may be due to the use of a combination of strong encryption and check mark of Connection Properties -> Keyboard/Mouse -> Display Host mouse movements.