If your Host is configured to log to a Impero log server and it cannot communicate with the log server you may receive the following message.

"The log server SERVERNAME is no longer available. Until it becomes available again log events will be lost."

This will typically occur at the startup of the Host module.

To suppress this warning on the Host you will need to edit the Impero.ini file on the Host located in C:\Windows.

Look for the [HOST] heading and add a line right underneath that reads LS_Silent_Fail=1.

Sample of Entry:


Then restart the Impero Helper Service.


A similar occurance of this error may occur when the Guest is configured to log to a Impero log server.  Example of message on Guest:

"The log server SERVERNAME is no longer available.  When it becomes available you can activate logging on the log server by re-starting Impero."

It is not possible to suppress this message on the Guest module.

If the log server is unavailable when you are in the Host or Guest’s Log Setup>Impero Server menu you may receive the following message:

"The log server is not available.  Please specify a valid log server ID."

Your Host or Guest module must be able to communicate with the Impero log server before you can make any changes in this menu.