To successfully stop/start the Host daemon and process on Linux from a command line, run the following commands:

/etc/init.d/imperohostd stop

/etc/init.d/imperohostd start

These need to run as root so you may need to add sudo to the commands.

sudo /etc/init.d/imperohostd stop

sudo /etc/init.d/imperohostd start

This command runs a script that will apply necessary parameters when restarting the Impero Host daemon (imperohostd) which is actually located in /usr/sbin.


If the commands are successful it should look like this:

username@computername:~$ /etc/init.d/imperohostd stop * Stopping imperohostd...                                     [ OK ]  * Stopping imperohost...                                       [ OK ]  * Stopping imperoshelld...                                     [ OK ] username@computername:~$ /etc/init.d/imperohostd start * Starting imperohostd...                                      [ OK ]  * Starting imperoshelld...bind: Address already in use                                                                       [ OK ]username@computername:~$