When a Guest initiates a remote control (or observation) connection to a Host there is a momentary blink or flicker on the Host computer. This is normal behavior when using the default command mode to transfer screen graphics. Each time a remote control session begins the entire desktop display is repainted simultaneously on both the sending and receiving computers. This results in a visible blink on both the connect and disconnect. If frequent connections to a Host result in blinks that disturb the logged-in user of the Host computer there is an option to minimize its impact.

Edit the IMPERO.ini file located in C:\Windows Open this file using Notepad and look for the heading [HOST]. Under that heading, there may be an entry that reads Repaint=1.  Change this to be Repaint=0.

If this value doesn’t exist, it can be added or modified in the following way.

Example of entry:

Then restart the Impero Helper service.

Repaint=0 reduces the amount of perceptible blink on connect and disconnect by moving it to a different point in time. A flicker occurs when the Host module is loaded in Windows. Adding the value Repaint=0 does not eliminate the connect/disconnect blink entirely but it will greatly reduce its perceptibility.