In some cases a HIPS module prevents Impero Connect Host from starting automatically – a manual start may still be possible.  A Host-based intrusion prevention system (HIPS) is software that monitors suspicious activity by analyzing events occurring and is normally part of the antivirus software installed on a computer (e.g. Sophos, Nod32, etc.).  The HIPS may wrongly prevent the Impero Helper Service from starting the Host process without notifying the user that an event has been suppressed. If the Impero Host module does not launch automatically despite the fact that the Host module has been explicitly set to load the Host at Windows startup, it is recommended that any HIPS module be deactivated and restart the computer. This should confirm if it is the HIPS module that is suppressing the Host’s automatic launch. If this alleviates the issue then you will need to add exceptions for the Host process in the HIPS module.