Host machines with specific video adapters might show a high CPU usage on the Host process during a remote control session. This issue has been seen with most Matrox video card models, and with some Intel display adapters (e.g. 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV Graphics Controller).

 In order to reduce CPU usage on the Host process, try one of the following workarounds:

  • Reduce the Hardware Acceleration to None from the system advanced display settings (Display Adapter Properties section), or in the video card driver's proprietary configuration panel. This will significantly lower the CPU usage.
  • Try to install a different driver version for your display adapter. Different driver versions behave differently, updating (or possibly downgrading) your display adapter driver might resolve the issue. Alternatively, you could try to:
    • Reduce the screen resolution.
    • Reduce the color depth from 32 bpp to 16 bpp.
  • Add the following options in the Impero.ini file, under the [HOST] section, and restart the Impero Helper Service:
    • WaitBeforeAnotherSnapShot=300

                     Determines the wait interval in milliseconds before a new screen capture is made. The values are between 10 and 300.

    • DisableNewCompression=1

                    Will disable both lossless and JPEG compression of the bitmap mode screen transfer.