Define a custom path for the Impero log file

Starting with version 12.83 of the Host you can manually define a custom path for the Netop log file and is now enforced with a *.log extension. When you define a custom path, the option to modify the log file name from the Log Setup > Impero Local tab from the user interface becomes unavailable.

To define a custom path for the Impero log file, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the impero.ini file with a text editor (i.e., Notepad). The default location for the impero.ini file is C:\Windows.
  2. Add the following string: CustomLocalLogFile=\.
    For example, CustomLocalLogFile=C:\LocalLogs\Impero.
    NOTE: The log file extension is automatically added to the log file name.
  3. Save the file.


  • This applies only to the Host version 12.83 or higher.
  • When you upgrade to the latest version of the Impero Host if you have a predefined custom log path it is maintained. The path is added in the impero.ini file and is enforced in the Impero Host user interface.