In the Guest, when you use the Browse function with the WebConnect communication profile selected, it will give you a list of Hosts that have the WebConnect profile active, with the same URL and set of credentials defined.

When you try to remote control a host from this list, you get the error message "Could not initialize communication profile WebConnect: error 130" followed by "Could not connect to the Connection Server. Make sure the Connection Server is running."

Assuming the Connection Server is running, and is visible in the Connection Manager web interface, with a value of "last seen" lower than 5 minutes, this might be due to the following reasons:

1. There is another application on the Connection Server that is using port 80 (e.g. IIS). Try to either connect with a Guest to the Connection Server, using HTTP as communication profile, or run a "netstat -an -b" on the computer where the Connection Server is installed, to see what application has port TCP 80 in use.

2. There is a packet analyzer software filtering communication towards the Connection Server.  The communication is done using TCP packets encapsulated as HTTP (HTTP tunnel), if there is a packet analyzer that notices they are not valid HTTP packets, it might block them.