Impero WebConnect communication relies on the Impero Connection Manager and Impero Connection Server. These are available as stand alone modules or as a hosted service.  Please contact your Impero Administrator to obtain your Impero WebConnect credentials and URL.

In the Host or Guest module go to Tools>Communication Profiles. Check the list for any communication profiles called WebConnect. If one already exists highlight that profile and select the Edit button. If no profile exists select the New button.

In the Description Field enter WebConnect to name the new profile. In the Communication Device drop down menu choose WebConnect.

In the WebConnect Service URL field, enter the URL to the Connection Manager. This may be an HTTP or HTTPS address.  Now select the Test button to verify the URL entered is correct.

Once WebConnect Service URL has been successfully verified select the Credentials button. Enter the Account, Password and Domain that has been defined on the WebConnect Connection Manager and select the Test button to verify that the credentials are valid.

Once the credentials have been successfully verified, select the OK button to close both Windows. On the Communication Profile setup menu of the Host be sure that the new WebConnect communication profile has a check mark next to it and then select the Close button and restart the Impero module to initialize the new communication profile. On the Host go to the Action menu and choose restart.

The WebConnect communication profile can be created in both the Host and Guest module in the same way.  Guest and Host modules configured with the same WebConnect credentials in the communication profile will be able to connect to each other using this profile.

A video demonstration of this technique can be found at the following link.
Impero installed with a trial or evaluation license
If the Guest and Host are installed using a trial/evaluation license, the Impero WebConnect credentials must use a WebConnect account called: trial. This is the only account name that will work with a trial installation. Likewise, if the Guest or Host is installed using a purchased license it will not work with a WebConnect account called: trial.