The latest version of Impero Connect Host includes a feature that allows you to remote control a it from any web browser on your network that supports HTML5. The new browser-based support console is enabled by default with any new installation of Impero Connect Host. This feature can be enabled manually on previous installations of the Host that are upgraded. You simply need to create a new communication profile in the Host’s configuration.

  1. In the Impero Host module go to Tools > Communication Profiles and choose New.
  2. In the Description field enter: Web.
  3. In the Communication Device drop down menu choose Web.
  4. There is a notice that the Web communication device can only be used by this profile.  Select OK.
  5. Check the box to Enable SSL if you wish your communication to be encrypted.
  6. Select the OK button.
  7. Be sure that you place a check mark next to the new Web communication profile that you just created.
  8. Select the Close button.
  9. You will be prompted to restart the Host module to enable the new profile. Select OK.
  10. Then go to the Action menu and select Restart.

Your Host is now able to deliver the browser-based support console.

On another device, open a browser and enter the IP address or DNS name of the Host in the URL field.  Be sure to use the HTTPS prefix if you choose to enable SSL in the Web communication profile.  You will be prompted to enter your credentials to authenticate to the Host before you are granted access to it.