This product is discontinued and will be terminated as of 29.08.2020. Starting with September 23rd 2019, the Netop Portal provides support for the Android & Windows based mobile devices and is available as a subscription. Learn more about the supported devices here.

Current Platform Versions

Windows CE Embedded 8.0
(Windows Embedded Compact 2013) 
32-bit, ARM -x
Windows CE Embedded 7.032-bit, ARMEnterprise, Standard and POSReady-x
Windows CE Embedded 6.0ARM -x
Windows CE Embedded 5.032-bit, ARM -x
Windows Mobile 6.5ARMClassic, Standard and Professional-x
Windows Mobile 6.1ARMClassic, Standard and Professional-x
Windows Mobile 6ARMClassic, Standard and Professional-x
Windows Mobile 5ARMPocket PC, Phone edition and Smartphone-x


Host 4 MB (8 MB recommended)

Guest 8 MB (16 MB recommended)

Disk space

Host < 4 MB

Guest < 4MB


TCP/IP as supported by the operating system and WebConnect 1.96.

Legacy Platform Versions