Deployment of Host from within a Guest is a convenient way of obtaining ad hoc remote access with Impero in case the distant LAN based computer does not already have a Host installed.

A Host must have been configured and packed with Pack'n Deploy and the resulting msi and mst files must be available for the deployment.

- The Guest script 'Deploy Host.dws' is run from within the Guest, which launches a command line for PnD.
- PnD moves the content of the Target folder to the distant machine.
- Prior to initializing the Host installation the file \Target\Altfiles\pre.cmd is executed. This will try to uninstall any old InstallShield Host installation and run the tool Netop_Cleaner after the uninstall attempt.
- The Windows Installer based Host installation is initialized.
- After successful installation the file \target\Altfiles\post.cmd is executed. In this example it will execute the tool ListProducts.exe which returns information about any installed Netop Remote Control module.
- CMDs and Guest script will need to be tailored for the user environment.