Security Server uses ODBC for communication with databases. Supported databases must be SQL92 Standard compliant. In case of Microsoft SQL Server it must be version 2005 or higher. Microsoft SQL Express is supported.

When evaluating Security Server, it will create a MS Access database called Security_Server_Evaluation if you do not have another database to connect to. While this database will be fully functional, it is not recommend that you continue to use this beyond the evaluation phase. We encourage our customers to choose a database that is more robust. 

This is a description on how much space the database used with Security Server takes up.

Each Role takes up 290 bytes in the table DWROLE.

Making a new Role assignment takes up 196 bytes in DWMAIN. Additionally, 690 bytes are added to DWNTGR and DWNTUS for each Windows group and user used in the Role assignment. So making a Role Assignment with Guest type Windows group and Host type also Windows group takes up 196+ 2*690 = 1576 bytes totally. Using Domain or Workstation as Host type uses respectively 431 or 686 bytes, i.e. a Role assignment would use 196+690+431=1317 or 196+690+686=1572 bytes.

Each time a Guest is authenticated against a Host, 349 bytes are added to the Security log in the table DWDONE.

So if 10 Guests are authenticated each hour, 10*349*8 = 27920 bytes are added during an 8-hour workday. Remember that you can set the Security Server to automatically clean the Security log e.g. every week – this will off course minimize the size of the database.

Are Host and/or Guest set to log to the Security Server, 216 bytes are added for each event to the Impero log in the table DWEVNT.

When having a connection to a Host logging to the Security Server, 518 bytes is added to the DWCONN table but removed again when the connection is terminated.

On top of this the database probably uses some space for indexing etc.

If you need additional details about the tables created in the database for Security Server, please refer to the Impero Connect Administrator's Guide.