Pack'n Deploy is the ideal way to compile a Microsoft Transform file for use when deploying the Host MSI.  The Transform file (.MST) can be built to contain important Impero configuration options. This will allow you to deploy the Host to many computers with an identical configuration package.
There are many advanced options available in Pack'n Deploy. Many of these options do not apply to most user's needs.  Here is the quick guide for successfully compiling the Transform file (.MST) for the Impero Host.  If you are interested in the advanced options or just need more information please see the Netop Remote Control Pack'n Deploy User Guide PDF attached at the bottom of this article.
  • Choose a computer to be your Host configuration template machine.
  • Install the Host module.
  • Configure the Host module with all of the options that you wish to have.
  • Install Pack'n Deploy on the same computer.
  • Launch Pack'n Deploy from the Windows Start menu>All Programs>Impero Connect
    1. In the MSI tab first choose the original MSI file that you used to install the Host module.
    2. Then choose an output folder that is different from the original location.  It is recommended that you create a special folder and give it a name like “Impero Deployment Output”. (If you attempt to use the same directory as your original MSI, your MST file will be invalid.)
    3. In the Properties tab, look for the property called “DW_LICENSE_RHST_SN”.  There are several with similar names.  Be sure you select the correct one and double click on it. Then paste your Host serial number in to this field and press OK.
    4. In the Configuration tab, under the Configuration Files section, place a check mark next to each of the files listed here.  These .ndb files are the settings files for the currently configured Host module that you setup earlier. (If you are unable to locate these files please see this article concerning the configuration files.)
    5. In the Build tab or from any tab, choose the Build button at the bottom of the window. In a moment your Transform file will be created.
  • Exit the Pack'n Deploy and then browse to the “Netop Deployment Output” that you choose earlier as your destination. This folder will now contain two files, a copy of the original MSI and the newly created transform file, MST. Now these files are ready for you to use and deploy through any standard, third party, MSI deployment technique.
Pack'n Deploy works with Impero Connect Host, Guest and Gateway modules starting with version 9.1 through the current version. It also works with Impero School Student and Teacher modules version 5.5 through 6.2.3.  Please make sure you are using the latest version of Pack'n Deploy available from the Impero Connect product download page.