If the original MSI file has been renamed, Pack’n Deploy will successfully pack the MST file, however the deployment will NOT be successful. For a successful deployment using Pack’n Deploy, it is required that the files are using their original names.

For example, when you download the the Host MSI from our website it is called, "ImperoConnectHost_UK.msi" if this name is edited or appended in any way the packed MST will reflect the change as well. Then the deployment will fail and can be identified when the icon changes to a red square with a white X. Right click on the icon to see the log file.  Here is a sample of what the log looks like if you have encountered this problem.

********** INSTALL.LOG ********** SETUP.LOG ********** PUSH.LOG Impero Deployment Service version ???????)?????gw >> Argcount is 10>> Impero Deployment Service>> FirstRun>> NONE>> WORKGROUP\User Name>> ****>> Starting setup.exe>> .\SETUP.EXE -s -SMS>> Failed to start setup.exe>> Setup.exe terminated>> Boot not needed>> Stopping Impero Service>> Stopping Impero service: No service present>> Restarting Impero Service>> Start Impero service: No service present>> Starting Impero Service failed>> End.>> Cleanup succeeded********** SETUP.ISS [INSTALL]BOOT=0

To successfully deploy the Host module your MSI/MSTfiles must be named exactly as follows: