Due to the security policies on certain networks it may not be possible for Pack’n Deploy to rely on Windows networking to browse to the target computers for deployment.  In such environments it may be necessary to write a deployment script and run Pack’n Deploy from the Windows Command Prompt to deploy to target computers using their IP address.

There are a number of command line switches available for Pack’n Deploy.  All of the available switches are listed in the image below.  You can access this window from the command prompt using the command: packndeploy.exe -help

Command Line switches for Pack’n Deploy

The script samples below are intended to be used as guidelines to writing your own deployment script.  They may not work "As is" but rather these are intended as suggestions for advanced users with some knowledge of scripting.

Sample script #1 is a basic script written for deployment from a Windows 7 32-bit computer.  It will prompt for a single IP address to deploy to.  When the script runs a prompt will appear asking for credentials with administrator rights on the target computer.

Script sample #1:

@echo off

ECHO Impero deployment destination
SET /P DEPLOYADDRESS=[Enter IP address:]
rem You will be prompted to enter the target IP address.

cd "C:\Program Files\Impero\Impero Pack’n Deploy"
rem cd "This it the path to where Impero Pack’n Deploy is installed."

ECHO Please wait for the deployment and installation to finish.

packndeploy.exe -q -m %DEPLOYADDRESS% -i "%USERPROFILE%\Desktop\deployment output"
rem packndeploy.exe -q -m "Destination IP Address" -i "This is the Path to the Output Folder you defined in Pack’n Deploy while you were creating the package. Your MSI and MST files will be found here when the MST build is finished."

ECHO The installation logs %DEPLOYADDRESS%.log and %DEPLOYADDRESS%.rlg can be found here
explorer.exe "%APPDATA%\Impero\Impero Pack’n Deploy\DeployLog"
rem explorer.exe "Verify that this directory has already been created."